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Hi, I am Stuart Himmer. Welcome to my website.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development at BYU-Idaho. I have been working as a Software and Data Engineer for 5 years giving me lots of experience and education. I specialize in Python and AWS but also have lots of experience in other languages and stacks. I also have practical experience and knowledge in relational databases using MySQL, Postgres/AWS Redshift technologies.

In my experience I have created distributed ETL systems, APIs and maintained large data warehouses. I’ve engineered and implemented machine learning algorithms design by a Data Scientist from another team. Leading a team of 5, we were able to create a solution together that saved the company from excess expenditures.

My Skillset

Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming is a powerful programming paradigm that allows for great flexibility in design and production.
I have been programming using OOP with all my projects since college giving me 5 years of experience. I have been programming in various languages like Python, Node JS and standard Javascript, PHP, C++, and Java.


I have been developing with PHP for 4 years. It is my most comfortable language and I developed several projects using PHP.
I’ve used PHP in e-commerce, RESTful API, MVC, and WordPress website projects.


I have created several data intensive programs with Python. I have been programming in Python for the past 2 years on Linux servers.
With Python I have developed several programs that have run in high speed environments handling large amounts of data through multi-threading.


I have been developing with MySQL Databases for 4 years and have experience writing complex SQL queries and scripts for MySQL.
I have created, maintained, and designed many MySQL databases both small and large with millions of rows of data.


HTML is the structure of all websites' user interfaces. Having good, clean structure makes the website maintainable.
I have 5 years of experience with HTML. I am very particular in making well structure HTML code in all my projects.


JavaScript is fun. It is an extremely powerful language with a vast number of capabilities. jQuery is great for making AJAX requests
I have 4 years of working experience with Javascript. I find I use it in most of my projects to enhance the user’s experience with the website.

Web Application Development

Skills Used:

Linux Based Python OOP

Skills Used:

A team that has Stuart is a team that will succeed. He is hard working, friendly and easy to get along with. Stuart has always impressed me with his passion for technology, and his knowledge and expertise to back it up. I had a great experience working with him and learning from him.

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